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Research, Technology & Commerce holding company offering Business, Technology and Investment Services.

The company consists of a skilled team of locally and globally experienced consultants and partners, allowing our clients to tap into localized expertise delivered to international standards across our range of services.


Strategic Management




Marketing & Branding


Reagan Rouze Research, operates at the leading edge of Professional Standards and Research Design.

Why Choose
We believe that research that delivers real insights requires not only a different kind of approach from mere fact-gathering, but also a fundamentally different culture in a research company.


The strength of a brand is explained in how precisely it manages to occupy people’s perceptions by condensing its peak performances and conveying the same to the market, so that, not the product but the brand triggers the consumer’s purchase decision.

CS Metrix

How happy is your customer with their transaction or products or services that your company delivered?
Will their happiness (or unhappiness) generate more (or less) business for your company?


4Ps is the essential strategy tool to develop your products or services and best deliver them to your customer. Later, these tools expanded into the 7Ps of marketing (marketing mix strategy).

Social Research

We Conduct Social Research and Evaluation for organizations, Civil societies and government to inform policy development, strategy and practice as well as assist in Program Management.

Sustainability Solutions

Reagan Rouze brings together high caliber independent consultants with
extensive experience in a wide range of sustainability-related sectors. We are
a community of practitioners located in different geographies in Africa,
available to support organizations and communities seeking sustainable solutions with a focus on climate Change.

Climate change adaptation and mitigation has become a vital component of any sustainability-related endeavour. Whether undertaking vulnerability-related assessments, supporting the implementation of disaster risk reduction measures, or providing guidance on policy and regulatory frameworks.

Reagan Rouze brings on-ground experience and a holistic perspective to the work.

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